Monday, 7 February 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park.....

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an extraordinary place. I've been visiting since Iwas a little girl , often with the family dog in tow ! and that was a long time ago! I've seen many changes over the years and more so on my return to visit family every couple of months. I'ts set in a beautiful part of yorkshire surrounded by awesome countryside and it lends itself to sculptures and artists to exhibit their work .
Presently exhibiting works , David Nash , an internationally acclaimed British artist known primarily for his work in wood.This exhibition is his largest ever presenting sculpture , drawings and photographs over the last forty years.
I've taken some photos myself but unfortunately could not in the Underground Gallery itself , which was a shame. I loved the simplicity of using wood ,such a natural material to speak for itself . Alongside these incredible works were simple hanging canvases of drawings using layers of charcoal as a medium .
Although I work as an illustrator I do enjoy the peace and tranquility that scupture can bestow upon us .

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