Friday, 4 February 2011

For the last couple of days I've been in the print room working on prints . The illustration I screen printed was taken from my last project on the course. The brief was  " Options" and from this I chose a book from the booklist given by the tutors. My choice was the title Best Poems On The Underground edited by Gerard Benson , Judith Chernalk &Cicely Herbert . It really is a fantastic read .

Altogether I illustrated 12 of the poems and I chose 2 to take through to print .These included
"Don't Call Alligator Long -Mouth till You Cross River" by John Agard .
"Goodbye" by Adrian Mitchell .

I screen printed 16 more or less of each illustration and both prints had 7 colours so thats a lot of screens to coat !Hard work but so much fun and very rewarding . Really pleased with the finished results . I've sold  2 alligator prints and im ready to mount some goodbye prints for the college shop .

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