Saturday, 12 February 2011

Screen printing...

Showing the screen printing process

So , Thursday I started work on my final images .My plan is to produce screen printed backdrops of various colours for my final images.I plan to layer my work , using screen printed pattern and backdrops to my collage which will sit on top thus creating different depths to my work.Although printing all 26 final images from collaged illustrations would have been amazing , I simply don't have the time as printing is such a long process and my work is very detailed. It could mean up to eight different screens per image and times that by 26 ... thats a lot ! I feel by combining the two and using my waxed paper technique and dyes will make it more interesting. I printed up to 50 A1 sheets all different colours . Had lots of fun as it did'nt need to be perfect. In fact the best colours came out textured or with bits missing !

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