Sunday, 20 February 2011

Printing layers

latest printed patterns

This week I returned to the printroom to add the first layers of my pattern on the printed coloured blocks I printed last week. It was great fun . I developed to large screens with random pattern and marks, being careful not to make an actual image that could be confused when making my finished image representing the alphabet letter.
At first I confused myself trying to logistically print the pattern differntly using many colours but then i just went for it using a very small squeegy randomly using it. By doing this no sheet is the same and every piece will be unique.
I did get bored of the same pattern and being pushed for time having a lecture on Friday , I did manage to develop a whole new set of marks and patterns ready to print Monday morning.
I've had many ideas to how im going to make the actual letters and i think this will be done in print form along with the sign langauge..

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