Saturday, 12 February 2011

Studio discussions.....

This week a group of students in our third year met in the studio to discuss our blog proposals and how we should construct them . It was a very relaxing , enjoyable day and meeting Alexandra who took the tutorial was a pleasure to be with. We discussed all the key elements to put within our blogs and how to write and promote our own work and work of others and things that influence us .
In the afternoon we all sat in the studio doodling and drawing anthing that we felt important or inspiring to us at the time , we had an hour doing this below are my doodles and as you can see i had the alphabet on my mind !

sketchbook doodles

We had a great group and we had a bit of  laugh ! We discussed all our final major proposals and it was interesting to know all the different pieces of work we were all choosing.I'm Looking forward to beginning  my final images , I,ve had some great feed-back from the students about what I,ve chosen , which has been great.

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