Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thats it!... Final major project begins ....

I've reached that point in my course where I'm about to start my final major project, of which this blog will now form a part .  I hope you'll join me on this final journey towards achieving my degree.
This last week has been pretty busy with lectures, printing from my last project options and working on some personal projects for friends. One of the lectures that I was fortunate enough to attend was delivered by John Norris-Wood, who is currently a visting Professor at the Royal College of Art. He founded a course on Natural History illustration and ecological studies. It was one of the most memorable, awe inspiring and exciting lectures I have ever attended. not only did he use the formal presence of the lecture hall, he took the time to visit us in the studio where he was more than happy to sit on a stool and tell us the most amazing stories about wildlife and characters in life who he had met on his travels, including Winston Churchill, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong and many, many more. Truly amazing!!

Another lecture that held my attention was delivered by Fig Taylor, who is a Portfolio Consultant. Her advice on life after university and how to present yourself and your work to prospective clients was humorous and exceedingly informative, if anything, it has reinforced my desire to go out and engage with future clients because I'm confident that I can be successful. I was also fortunate enough to have some one to one time with her where she gave some guidance on what type of markets my work will be most suited for, which could be editorial. She also recommended that I could work in digital. This does interest me although I never want to lose that hand made, printed piece that I always come up with. Ultimately, I'd like to work both ways.

I'm now working on my final ideas for my major project and problem solving. I have a definate idea about what I want to produce for my final piece and I'm finishing my proposal which I'll hand in next week.

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