Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mark Pawson Lecture

We had a lecture with Mark Pawson yesterday. He is an artist/ designer or something inbetween ! as he likes to call himself .He is completely self sufficient relying only upon himself to make the paraphernalia he sells online and through bookstores ,gallery shops including The Tate Library  and Museum Of Modern  Art  New York.These include small bookes ,zines and badges to name but a few.
He is an avid collector of things that most people would easily dispose of.These items inclide stickers , found papers and plastic freebies given in the likes of chocolate kinder eggs .I like this ideology as I myself collect things along this line . I find it very difficult to throw away paper bags for example and I love price stickers as today most things have a bar -code ,so to go to your local corner shop and have a label done with a price gun is fab !! arggg! im a geek !

The badges above are handmade by Mark and I love them . Im going to buy my own badge making machine online as it's always been something fun I've wanted to make .He seemed like a nice guy , some of his work did'nt interest me but I like his enthusiasm for going his own way and doing what he loves.

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