Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lion Love

L is for Lion Love Letter, What lovely fun it's been to illustrate the letter L. I knew almost imediately I wanted a big Luscious lion in my work. He,s a cutie , don't you think?
Im really enjoying my ABC at present.The sun is shining and im almost half way through...good times!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Sketchbook ideas....


Gone back into sketchbook to work on a couple of ideas. Lots of relaxing! i love working in sketchbooks , theres no pressure it's just pure selfishness really!A little like hiding that last bar of chocholate from the kids and eating it when they are asleep hehe! OOh! talking of choccy it's Easter that means lots of the stuff and bunnies my favourite!

Keep going .....!

Koalas the key word

Working on K was fun and frolicks! Really cute koalas making it light work and fun to do! I love the colours too. Im kinda half way through with this one I guess and it really feels more like a routine is coming along! I love koals wish I could actually meet a real one! Maybe I will one day?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Horsey !... Naaayyyy !!!!

H is for Hello Horsey

As you can see my Horsey is a very happy horse jumping over houses and not falling into the hole ! We hope.
Had lots of fun with this one. I do believe thats due to the lovely colours that jump out at you. It fell into place.
It reminds me of a fairy tale.I've started to cut up printed sheets with more confidence and it seems to be fitting together much easier. I do think as time goes on that will be the case and I will probably not be satisfied with earlier pieces... typical me !



Book covers Waterstones

These are a few book cover jackets that caught my eye in Winchester.I love the colours in the first one, although thats not the way Im working in this project I will possibly for my sketchbook. Im hoping to have a little time left at the end to actually work on some random illustrations. I hope I do ! Im having a love/hate relationship at the moment with this FMP. Ithink the reason for that is Im not taking time out to do anything else! I will this weekend as it's Easter and that means bunnies and thing ! My favourite!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Badge time ....

Handmade badges

Im having a few hours away from ABC to make badges today for some lovely friends.I hope they like ?


G is for groovy!

Working on the letter G has been ggggggreat ! haha! excuse the pun! I love the way this has turned out. Mainly due to the use of the printed background that I incorporated into the illustration really well. As you can see I have a groovy girraffe taking centre stage whilst grinding his teeth on a ghastly gingerbread man !
I love the colour combination. If im finding out anything as I go along ,it's  knowing that I can make an illustration from collage out of mostly anything put in front of me! I enjoy collage so much I talk my brain into seeing things that maybe others don't.Love this piece!

working in sketchbook

Here are some of my paper scrap doodles. I've been using up some cut off pieces as Igo along. I'ts the start of the Easter Holidays for the kids now, so in between  being a cook, taxi service and  a bank Im trying to fit as much as I can of what I love doing as possible!

Monday, 11 April 2011

My type...

More found and photographed letters

I really love the colours of these old lettersthat Ihave lying around the house. The colours are just yummy!

Any type will do ...!

Photographing letters of interest

Ive been doing a lot of photography of charming letters that catch my eye. When I stop doing my illustrations it's a nice way to chill out going around finding text and letters that grab my attention. I collect letters and signs and have them all around the house. They are pieces of art on their own , I think.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Latest ideas ....

 Sketchbook ideas

Had a very productive last few days. Been working alongside finished pieces with sketchbook collages and ideas. I usually take the leftover scraps of paper and create an image thats spontaneous and fun . I really enjoy the freedom of working this way as there are no rules and it sometimes leads to something quite extaordinary. I must go to sleep as I'm really exhausted and would like to get cracking tomorrow !

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Wall Of Wonder !

3rd Year Students Work

Here's the Wall Of Wonder as it's been titled. It is a wall set aside in the studio for the 3rd years to pin up their work and contributions towards a final image for the exhibition poster for the final show. It really does look fab!
It shows such an array and diverse body of work from all the students just a great example of how individual we all are .Im really looking forward to it being photographed and printed for the preview night.