Monday, 9 May 2011

T is for tootsies....

Ten little tootsies!

Ten little tootsies all bright and brushed shiny clean! For the letter T i've done another illustration thats a little silly! When my children were small Ialways referred to their toes as tootsies and scrubbing them in the bath was like brushing your teeth! So I thought I would incorporate this into the illustration , I hope you like it?
Iphoned the photocopiers today regarding my printed business cards... going in Tuesday to check the proofs and if all ok will run off a couple of Hundred! Hehe ! to whom shall I give them all to ??? I wonder. Fancy me being a business woman ! Who that reminds me The Apprentice starts this week, Now thats a show full of T for Tossers !!!! He he......

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