Saturday, 7 May 2011

Ilustrators that influence my Work.....

Sara Fanelli Illustrater

Lane Smith Illustrator

There are many childrens Illustrators who I enjoy and really influence me. Out of all of them I think Sara Fanelli is my favourite. My tutors and my student peers seem to think we work in a similar way. I suppose its the collage and the obvious childrens material. I do find myself naturally working in a similar way and wonder if being the same age and me having studied at the same time as Sara we were perhaps both influenced by the same things. My work has'nt changed for over 20 years when I did printed textiles in fact I still use some of the same imagery and pattern and colours I did back then.

Another Illustrator above Lane Smith produced work for the above book ,a take on traditional fairy tales The stinky cheese man I bought for my son when he was younger and we used to fall about laughing at the fun titillating stories.

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