Friday, 6 May 2011

Ping - Pong Pow !

Piggies in pink

P is for Pink Piggies playingping pong! My dog also pongs! He's one of those smelly terriers that can't help himself! He also can peeeeeee! for England. Making P was fun, I think it's a little off beat and quirky? Had lots of ideas but this seemed to fall into place and come together? I think children would find it amusing.
I look forward to posting all my final pieces at the end of the blog.On a sad note my son Oscar has been admitted to hospital today after having  acouple of seizures. He's also hurt his hip so will need an X-ray ,very appropriate if I was on X ! bless him. Unfortunately he can't talk so we will have to do lots of tests to see what the problem is.
The stress of producing my work and caring for my disabled son is beginning to take it's toll.I do feel quite tearful. It's especially hard when making such happy vibrant peices to feel such sadness inside.

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