Sunday, 8 May 2011

R is for Rocket Racing Rabbit.....


The character you see above is a real life rabbit, who goes by the name of "The Wabbit". He commissioned me to create his portrait along with his partner the lovely "Lapinette". The Wabbit is an incredibly brave and adventurous rabbit akin to James Bond. He has given lots of support and encouragement throughout my final project, so it is only fitting that he takes a starring role within my blog. A link to the Wabbit's blog and adventures are below

The letter R naturally had to involve a rabbit, My favourite kind of friend! I had a house rabbit named Rudy but he died two years ago. He was such a character, always getting into scrapes and very confident, so much so he went in and out the house and around the neighbourhood like a cat. He would sit on the mat of the doorstep when we pulled up in the car to be let in and eat his favourite meal of greens and wait for it???...... Chocolate covered weetos cereal! yes you heard right!
He did chew through the house though, sofas , skirting boards, washing machine wires!To such a point that we just let him out to get rid of all that energy he had. I miss him. He loved us to pieces too. He would sleep on the end of the bed and hop through the house leaving small circular formed little poop packages for us ...which our dog duly scooped up and ate! Eeeeek! call it the food chain of life? But it was quite handy!

Rudy rabbit and Wilf the hoover dog

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