Wednesday, 16 March 2011

work in progress

A is for?........

So I have begun my final pieces. Appropriately starting with the letter A, more through choice than need! I'm sure I will get stuck on some letters and may need to return to them , so at the moment just going with the flow.
As you can see in my photograph I've also chosen my font for printing out my letters. I have chosen my favourite being Bullion Roman text. I find it simple but quirky just like my work. I'm going in the printroom tommorow to screen print , very exciting !
Hopefully you can now see my work coming together how I initially explained? By working collage on my printed bases that I did the other week. I feel my work is already starting to change from previous projects, in a very positive way . I'ts almost becoming more sophisticated and more structured. Im really loving it!

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