Sunday, 20 March 2011

Graham Rawle Lecture

On Friday we had a visiting lecturer, the wonderful Graham Rawle, who talked about some of his work. Famous for the The Lost Consant series, which was published in the weekend Guardian, he has also had several novels put into print, some of which are below.

Above is how Graham lays out his text.

Graham, who is a lecturer on the MA Illustration course at University of Brighton as well as a successful illustrator, proved to be extremely witty, funny and hugely motivational. One of his most successful recent works is a recreation of the Wizard of Oz, a clip of which is below.

I really enjoyed the lecture and Grahams work. I think what draws me to him is the understanding and use of collage which of course I am also passionate about. It was interesting to know Im not the only one who collects hundreds of pieces of papers of various sizes in order to use someday soon !! Out of all the lectures so far I can truly say this has been my favourite.

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