Monday, 14 March 2011

Bin It

Colin McHenry crit

Last week we had a lecture from a visiting publisher, Colin McHenry, who works on behalf of many of the UK's magazines. He gave us all an insight into how to get a foot in the door with various publishing houses and how to then follow it up with a presentation. His style was fun, relaxed and witty, yet he was extremely informative.
In the afternoon he introduced us to the "bin it" scenario. Firstly, there was the fun and exciting yellow bin for those who produced work that was of an acceptable standard and then there was the bin bin, you know, the type that sits outside your house. This was for the work that was perhaps a little under par. My envelope ended in the bin bin but thankfully my main work flew into the yello bin. Hurrah!!!!!
I gave Colin one of my pieces to take away with him, networking, got to get it in, and I've emailed six images that he asked for. So, fingers crossed, watch this space. Hopefully.

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