Sunday, 20 March 2011

Back to printroom.....

 screenprints of alphabet

Last week I spent more time back in the printroom finalising my finished alphabet letters for my end product. I chose the font and developed the screens ready to print Thursday and Friday .Was a tight squeeze in the printroom unfortunately as there was an induction wth some classes in the other years but I did a little ducking and diving around the old printroom inbetween to get what I wanted.
I produced loads of letters in various colours and Im so pleased with the end result. Above are just a couple of examples of some colour co-ordinations. Now its the exciting bit ....when i get to choose which letter goes with with final image!
I printed a little extra to make alphabet cards to sell in the shop.Im also going to make some alphabet posters and scan them in to produce some promotional material towards the end.

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